Maths day

We looked at some abstract art work by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. We then created our own shape and line pictures!


Maths day

How much toothpaste is in a tube?

It ranged from 140cm to 240cm! Alex thought this might be because some lines were thicker than others!

Thanks For Thinking Day


Today (our whole school RE day), we reflected upon what we need to be thankful for in the world- with the help of Rev. Miriam.

We learned about prayer and worship in different religions. We received a Muslim faith visitor, also some Y6 children gave presentations to share their beliefs.













Soup tasting

Today we tasted our soups after blitzing them with a hand blender. They were delicious! What was your favourite flavour?



Soup making

Today we made our soups. We made tomato soup, potato and leek soup, carrot and coriander soup as well as a magic surprise soup! After chopping up all the vegetables (many of which were from our school garden) we put them into a slow cooker to cook over night. 

They smell delicious! We can’t wait to taste them tomorrow.